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Chef Luigi’s passion for food and wine starts in the late 1940s.

His parents, Piero Marenco and Bruna Broggio were both World War II veterans, where Piero -native from Trisobbio, a small town in Piemonte - was a soldier, and Bruna originally from Saletto in Veneto-a chef. They met during the War, in extremely adverse conditions, and Chef Luigi was born right after it ended.

Chef Luigi was raised in very difficult times. There was no money, towns were destroyed, there were very little job opportunities and most of the people would migrate to the big surrounding cities, such as Torino – trying to work for Fiat – or Genova – always an important and historical port of Italy. However, his parents always believed in rebuilding the family’s estate, along with the surrounding vineyards.

Back in those times, Chef Luigi grew his passion for the kitchen and the viticulture; he learnt from his mom the true essence of cooking with what the land and the farming would provide for them, and from his dad the art of making wine. Soon enough, he started adventuring in the cruise lines, traveling the world and continuing growing his passion for cooking.

He met his wife Chef Esperanza in the 1980s, a perfect partner that shared the same passions as him, and shortly after he decided to open a ‘pastafresca and gastronomia’ ( a homemade pasta store ) close to his native hometown, in Cassine. In the 2000s, along with their son Gian Marco, they decided to bring their dreams and passions to Florida, recreating in Margate a small restaurant that we are happy to call ‘Casa / Home’, focusing on pure and genuine traditional flavors and recipes. Here, we continue to develop the art of the homemade pasta, and also of the classic northern Italian cuisine, using the highest quality ingredients, and most importantly, Passion and Heart.

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